Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trigger Shot

This is an infertility post. Yeah I know I said I would only blog about infertility once, but I guess that didn't turn out to be true.

Today I went for my Day 13 ultrasound. My doc looked around and said that my follicle was big and beautiful, but it should have already ovulated. To force my body to ovulate they gave me a trigger shot of HCG. The shot itself was the least painful shot I have ever had. I didn't even feel it...until I did. Oh boy those hormones just hit me like a big ol wave.

Basically my body went from just chirping along to Bang! Suddenly thinking it is pregnant. I'm feeling less icky this evening thankfully. Tomorrow I start "testing out the trigger". That means that every morning I take a pregnancy test and wait for the positive to fade. It's kind of exciting because, for the first time ever, I'll see a positive test. The actual benefit of testing out the trigger is that each person's body is very different and the HCG leaves at different rates and you can't tell always when you have a genuine positive.  Perhaps bigger than bodies being different, I'm testing it out because I want to see a positive test. Yeah it's stupid, but I got $1 pregnancy tests so at least I'm not wasting money on it. I got five, the cashier thought I was a wee bit crazy haha.

Tomorrow is the IUI so hopefully the HCG does its thing before we get there. Fingers crossed for my big ol follicle (and the smaller one on the other side).

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