Sunday, November 3, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness

So November is the time for 30 Days of Thankfulness but the odds of me remembering that many days is skim to none. As nothing fascinating happened today, I figured I would do my 30 days all in one. I don't like to do them in order of most import because that would require me doing significant editing.

1.  Chamomile tea
2.  Flannel pajamas, they may not be sexy but darn are they warm
3.  My amazing husband
4.  My cool brother who still likes to hang out with me
5.  My parents who are incredibly supportive
6.  Netflix which keeps me from having to leave my couch to be entertained
7.  My new job that I actually like
8.  The incredibleness that is a library, so many books, no output of money!
9.  Chocolate
10.  That Josh is almost out of school
11.  Pasta
12.  That my car is still running which strikes me as miraculous everyday
13.  Thanksgiving, I love that holiday
14.  Sunrises with fluffy pink clouds
15.  Indoor plumbing
16.  That I didn't get pregnant right away because Josh wouldn't have been able to go back to school
17.  My house
18.  My Bubba
19.  That I get to wear dresses at my new job
20.  Fuzzy house shoes
21.  That we are starting the adoption process
22.  That we were able to go to the beach this year
23.  Cereal, one of my favorite meals morning, noon, or night
24.  My gas fireplace
25.  Music
26.  That first moment when you walk through the door after work and take off your shoes and you just sort of melt into relaxation
27.  Hanging out with Mom, she is my best friend
28.  Friends, new and old
29.  The lessening of nightmares of late
30.  My God who has had to carry me a lot this last year, but His shoulders are strong

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