Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Keypads Make Me Go Grrr

I'm on a small soapbox tonight. I'm soapboxing about, of all things, keypads. Can we just agree on a format?  This is not a difficult or particularly noble goal, but I think if we put our heads together we can come to an amicable conclussion to the keypad dilemma.

It never really bothered me that a computer number pad goes from the bottom up while a phone keypad goes top down until I started this new job. Now I use the number pad constantly and the phone a lot and it drives me bonkers!!  I have nightmares that I'm in an emergency situation and keep dialing the wrong number.

I feel like this is a more modern version of the immigrant/emigrant debate. Either is sufficient,but both  cause unnecessary confusion and heartache. Yes, my heart aches over the phone, or I could be feeling a wee bit melodramatic.  We have developed cutting edge technologies. We can talk to people in real time across continents, but dang if it isn't difficult to dial them!  I, personally, vote for the number pad style, with the #1 on the bottom left, but if everyone else agrees on top right then I'll get on board! Start a petition for the standardization of keypads!

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