Monday, November 4, 2013

An Open Letter to the Motion Sensor

Mr. Motion Sensor,

I regret to inform you that a formal complaint is being lodged against you by the occupants of the home outside which you reside. The complaint stands as follows: inadequate illumination in times of need and excessive increase in power bill in unnecessary moments. The occupants of the home wish to remind you that your job is to come on when a person or large being approaches the door.  There is no need to constantly go on off when leaves or small woodland creatures run past. The home is located near woods wherein live an abundance of squirrels.  They do not require a light to find their way among the tree branches. The person trying to use the keypad does in fact need light. Please make adjustments in accordance with this complaint or you will find that your service will no longer be required at this domicile.

The Committee of Unruly Household Objects

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