Thursday, April 30, 2015

A "Onederful" Deal

 Today my friend Beverly and I hung out and went shopping.  We hit up several antique stores in search of teacups.  Cordie's first birthday party's them is going to be Alice in "Onederland" themed.  Isn't that cute?  I didn't come up with that, I saw it on Pinterest, but I SO wish I had!  I wanted to use the cups to decorate although I'm toying with the idea of serving cupcakes in them.  Get it, cup cakes?  My comedy is on a level of its own.  Lo the spoils of our day!

All the cups I had been finding were $5-12 each and I am just not going to pay that for decorations for a one year old's party.  The guy who ran this booth was going out of business so he said I could have 10 for $10.  I started gathering up cups and then he said, "Well, I'll throw in a teapot for free."  Great, let me grab a teapot.  Then Bev asked how much a vase was.  His response?  "Eh, just toss it in the box and take it."  Awesome.  Free!  I finally gathered everything up and he tossed in a pitcher shaped like a lemon for, once again, free!  Hooray!  All told we got ten cups, a teapot, a vase, and a pitcher for $10.  I added everything up once I got home and it would have been $127.95.  Oh yeah!!  Winning at life and party planning!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's the Difference Between Formulas? That You're a Bad Parent.

So I have been wanting to blog again for awhile, but I didn't feel like I could come back from a six month absence and be like "Hi!  I'm here again."  And then I saw this:

and I was like "Oooh yeah I can blog about that."

There have been a lot of attention on breast feeding lately.  I've read maybe a dozen articles about it.  People are so passionate about it on both sides.  The comments on the articles are generally much more balanced than the actual article which is a complete anomaly on the internet.  I personally have gotten only one comment about breast feeding instead of bottle feeding.  I have definitely felt unsaid pressure to defend the fact that I bottle feed Cordie, but if I go around saying "We adopted her" all aggressively every time I get that vibe then I look  like a crazy person.  I look crazy often enough that I don't need to add to it so I just bottle feed on!

However, this pop-up got under my skin.  I was researching the difference between Stage 1 and Stage 2 formulas and happened upon the ForBaby website which had some Q&As about formulas.  I was reading and suddenly the above popped up.  Here's the issue, you know, in case you can't get the galling-ness from reading it, no one should never have certify that they have read a remonstrance from a website before getting information on formula (or anything)!  I don't need the "lecture" telling me that "partial bottle feeding may adversely affect breastfeeding" and that the social implications should be considered before choosing how to feed my child.  No.  Just no.  What other people think should NOT play into what is the most effective way to get necessary calories into Cordie!  Who thought this was appropriate to post?  It literally says that "unnecessary...use (of formula) could be harmful to the health of the baby."

There are a lot of reasons mothers choose not to breastfeed.  It is not the place or right of this website to prevent you from looking at potentially useful information about formula until you acknowledge that you are making the "wrong" decision. I get that it's just clicking a button and isn't this actual big deal.  It's just that they are forcing you to acknowledge and accept this one sided, unhelpful, condescending information at all.  I don't like for third parties to stick their noses in where they don't belong.  I did go to this website from different devices and several different times and it pops up every single time, you can't get away (insert evil laugh).  If you click "cancel", you can't read the website.  It takes you back to the ForBaby homepage.  Way to be in your face about it, ForBaby

Here's the summary:  Feed your kid.  Use a boob, use a bottle, use a spoon, just feed your baby.  Don't get down on yourself no matter what method you use.  No one else has the right to make you feel inferior about doing your best as a parent, especially pompous, pseudo-controlling websites.

So this is my reintroduction to blogging.  Aren't you thrilled that it was a rant?  Here's to new posts coming soon!