Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Half Thoughts

Today is one of those days where I don't have a full post's worth of things to say, but I have a sentence or two to say about a handful of stuffs.

1.  I've started MaddAddam and it is already good. I do love me some Margaret Atwood!  She does tend to just drop you right into

2.  The 50th anniversary of Dr. Who is Saturday!!  I'm super excited. The previews look awesome, but I'm sad that it is one episode closer to Matt Smith leaving.

3.  We do the second IUI this week. I've already taken some of the medicine and I'm pretty sure my ovary are about to rupture. It's all swollen and ugh. Maybe a baby will happen this time.

4.  I already did my thankfulness post, but I have an addendum. Gosh I think I really misspelled that. My iPad does some funky spellcheck. Just refer back to the shoebox post where it kept autocorrecting to two words instead of one compound one.  I'm thankful for Josh singing in the shower. He has been stressed this semester and when he is stressed he doesn't sing. I didn't realize how much I liked him singing until he was so stressed he stopped. It makes me know all is fine in his world.

5.  I'm fairly convinced that today is Wednesday so I may show up at book club tomorrow instead of Thursday which I already did last week.  Yep, got halfway there before I realized. I think once I had a better memory, but I can't actually remember because of well...the memory thing.

6.  My brother hit a deer so I sent him this lovely little ditty:  No more Dasher or Dancer or Prancer or Vixen. No more Comet or Cupid or Donner or Blitzen. Santa we hear you squall because Eli killed them all!  Then I asked him if he was okay. He said perhaps my priorities were a little off.

7.  Now off to bed.  Thinking I might get my down comforter out.  Snuggly time!

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