Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Call the Midwife


Have you seen the show Call the Midwife?  It's what I'm watching on Netflix tonight.  I had to take a break from Buffy the Vampire Slayer because it will just bog you down in monsters.  I very pleasantly surprised to see that Netflix has added the second season of Call of the Midwife to their queue.  It was one of the suggested shows after having watched Downton Abbey.  It's set in the late 50s in the East End of London, a notoriously difficult part of town in those days.  It's about a group of young women who live in a convent and are midwives.

I love all things British and I love all things baby related so it's a great fit.  If you liked Downton, then you probably would like this.  The humor is the same and the drama is sort of the same.  Of course, the material is vastly different and you may spend half the show trying to help the mothers-to-be push.  On the plus side, it is excellent exercise for your stomach muscles so there's an upside you don't get with most tv shows!

I get super excited about the clothes too.  I was born in the wrong decade.  Just look at this skirt:

And then this one:


And there is the point of the show-all the adorable chubby babies!!


Check it out when there is nothing worth watching on cable (which is most of the time).

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