Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holiday Open House

Tonight Josh and I went downtown for the holiday open house and I had a great deal of fun. Josh was there just to please me, but he liked the food. We just made three stops since he had homework and I didn't need any antiques from the many stores that line Broad Street. We went Stir Fry Cafe first. I was just going to get appetizers since they were half off, but Josh wanted real food. We did get crab Rangoon as an appetizer then he got Kung Pao chicken and I got a Dragon Roll. I think it was my favorite sushi roll that I've had there. We did get some soup that was really bad, but otherwise everything was tasty.

Next we went to Lamplight Theatre. We got four free tickets to any show before the end of the year! Fun!  Mom has been wanting to take Bubba to see a performance there so now they can go for free.  We went in and sat in the back and watched rehearsals for a few minutes. It made me want to grab a script and jump on stage!

Our final stop was to the ballet where I was given two free weeks of adult fitness classes. I want to go to either the adult ballet class or to a yoga class. Ballet looks the most fun, but I would need ballet shoes and some sense of grace. The yoga class is in a very zen looking room that is fortunately very dark so no one would see my rolls or my poor form. Either way it will be fun!

I took some pictures, but they were really fuzzy so just imagine the trees all strung with lights and the store fronts gleaming. There were two guys playing guitar and singing. It's was all very festive and even a bit romantic. I hope your evening was as pleasant!

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