Monday, November 25, 2013


Today was surprising, surprising in a good way for once. Josh got not one, but Two job offers!  He had had two interviews that he felt went well. We waited and waited and didn't hear anything. One of places gave him a time to call, but no one answered!  To be honest we had pretty much given up all hope on one of them and hope was waning on the other. Tonight I came home, opened the door, and Josh immediately started frantically waving for me to be quiet. When he hung up, he excitedly told me all about the offer. We were super excited!  Of course we started talking about the possibility of a move. The job is in GA. I started on supper while we talked about the issues surrounding selling the house. Before I could even get supper on the table, Josh got another phone and took it into the den. I could tell he was excited and kept mouthing for him to tell me what was going on. He wrote down just a thing or two and I called Mom while jumping up and down.

We Cannot Believe it!  We were both starting to feel frustrated with not having heard anything when they said they would let us know. We were really hoping for good news and now we have it!  With it comes a choice. As with most decisions there are pros and cons on each side and they need to be examined, weighed, and prayed over. Still, having a decision to make is awesome!

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