Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Big Birthday

Yesterday was my 25th birthday and is has been a wonderful couple of days. I have consumed so much delicious food that I will surely not need to eat again until at least Thanksgiving. I have felt so very special and loved. My group took me out to Rush Street for lunch on Friday and got me very nice card. That evening Josh took me to get my present and to see the new Thor movie.

Josh said the magic words that every woman wants to hear: "That necklace isn't very expensive.  Maybe you should get the matching earrings as well."  Obviously I didn't take much persuading. I adore pearls and had been wanting a single one. They look so classy. I'm tickled pink with it. Because Josh is just fabulous he also got me a bookcase. I was much in need of a new one.  The two I have are packed with books and movies.

Thor was good, but there were some Big plot holes. The supporting characters seemed to get a bigger part and I liked that. There were some cool details that were added, but I was distracted by a plot line that wasn't great. Still worth seeing though. Am I the only one that wants Thor to be with Sif instead of Jane? I feel like Sif would be able to understand him in a way Jane can't plus she can fight alongside him whereas Jane comes off as more damsel in distress even when she's helping. Maybe it's her moony eyes.

Tonight I went to Mom's and we had a Huge dinner. I had asked for chicken and dumplings, but Mom went all out and we basically had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Glug. So full. There was also ice cream cake. We have a ton of cake left.  Mom and Dad got me some really nice presents too, a cupcake corer, Cards Against Humanity, and all three seasons of Downton Abbey.  Eli, Josh, and I played two games of Cards Against Humanity and it's pretty fun.  It's just like Apples to Apples, but "more mature" (i.e. cruder).  Some the cards are just laugh out loud funny though.  I can't wait to watch the second season of Downton.  I somehow missed that entire season.  I bet Josh will just love getting immersed in that show haha!

This was a big birthday.  Twenty-five is the magic number in adoption.  Apparently you are considered old enough and settled enough at 25 to be a responsible parent.  Even though we are leaning toward domestic adoption now, it is cool to look at all the adoption websites and see the places that have opened up to us.  It's a little wild and slightly frustrating that when I filled out the pre-application a few weeks ago I was too young to be considered for many different programs, but now it's fine.  It just seems a little arbitrary, but I guess there has to be a cutoff somewhere.

I always wonder what will have changed between this birthday and the next.  I hope lots of good things happen :)

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