Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Teen Mom 3

This evening got away from me.  I sat down on the couch and saw that a new episode of Teen Mom 3 had recorded (I still instinctively say "taped" even though there is no tape involved anymore).  Some ridiculous number of hours later I look at the clock and go "huh, those are hours I'll never get back."
Teen Mom 3

The really horrible thing is that I watch all those shows 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom 3.  Not religiously, I'll go for a long time and not see an episode and it won't even cross my mind and then I catch a marathon and boom!  Right back to watching the train wreck.  And oh my goodness is it a train wreck.  Every season I see one of the girls and I think "This one is going to be alright.  Both parents seem to have okay heads on their shoulders and they have some support."  Each season I am wrong.  Shew.  I just shake my head.  I think that's really the entire draw of the show.  I'm pretty sure the other women across America who watch this are yelling at their tvs "Are you Blind???  He's cheated on every other girl he's with, but he won't cheat on you when you're nine months pregnant and hormonal!  That's reasonable!"  I feel like the girls should get Olympic type scores based on how truly bad their decisions are.  Score a 10 for a yelling match with your drug using baby daddy in the middle of a public street with your entire family as witnesses!

This episode was the last of the season so Dr. Drew was on talking to each of the parents and the grandparents.  I think that's my favorite.  I really should only watch that episode because you get all the nitty gritty, but without the time investment.  It definitely makes me remember how young 16 is.  Their brains are honestly not fully developed!  It's no wonder they make some suspect choices.  As we say in the south:  bless their hearts.

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