Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Stay Puft Man

So last week Mom and I saw someone in a puffy jacket.  We joked about it and said that wasn't flattering at all and how it looked a little silly.  Then Mom found this at a consignment shop and said she thought I needed it.  Indeed I do need it because right now I am FREEZING slowly to death in my office.  Both the woman in the cubicle next to mine and I can't turn on our heaters at the same time or we flip the breaker.  Today I was wearing four layers inside.  

My dear readers, I was prejudiced against this type of jacket.  Then I tried it on.  Oh wow.  It is so warm.  I love it.  And I don't have to care about looking a tad pudgy.  I'm actually wearing it right now, even though I am in my house.  My prejudice has been erased.  I embrace the puffy jacket.

On a totally different topic, this is my 200th blog post!  Hooray for blogging!

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  1. I finally got a down coat, too. I visited your blog thanks to the blog roll on Suburban Matron. Thanks. Star