Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Metabolism SUCKS!

Once upon a time, not very long ago I could eat as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted, and not gain weight.  Lest you be a member of my family and say "Oh, pssh, Sierra!  I never saw you eat!" let me tell you about eating.

When I was at UT I ate a LOT.  For breakfast every morning I would have an omelette with cheese, ham, tomatoes, and salsa.  I would also have a bowl of cereal and a piece of fruit and a glass of juice.  Every single morning of the week!  Once a week I would go by this wonderful cafeteria where they had chain restaurants.  I would get three breadsticks from Pizza Hut, a six piece nugget box from Chik-Fil-A, and a caramel dulce de leche milkshake from Edy's.  If I stayed the weekend, which was very rare, I would eat half of a Papa John's spinach alfredo pizza and half a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream for supper on Saturday night.  Sunday was the big meal, boy oh boy.  Here we go.  I would eat four kinds of cereal (half a bowl each), a donut, a brownie, eggs (either scrambled or an omelette), bacon, ham, hasbrowns, a biscuit with either jelly or gravy, sometimes both, fruit, juice, and water.  Then I would roll down the stairs.  I could also eat Pop Tarts and Debbie Cakes anytime I wanted.  And absolutely nothing gave me indigestion.  Ahhhh, the good ol days!

Today I had an oatmeal creme pie for breakfast, three pieces of ham and half a slice of pumpkin roll for lunch, chicken noodle and veggie soup for dinner, and 1/2 a serving of ice cream for snack.  Not awesome, but not exactly the calories of days gone by.  And yet!!  I weigh twenty-five pounds more today than I did at UT.  TWENTY-FREAKIN'-FIVE!!!  And I get indigestion.  And I try not to keep Pop Tarts in the house.  Where is the justice I ask you???

Here I am skinny:

(Don't worry, my makeup is a lot better now.  I had danced it all off that night)

Here I am not so skinny:

I have chinSSS as in plural!  I am Chin Girl!

Siiiiiigggggghhhh.  It has to stop.  I can't be Chin Girl.  Any suggestions for getting my metabolism back would be awesome because I really want some more ice cream, but I'm afraid another chin would appear overnight.

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  1. i hear ya girlfriend. we don't walk to class anymore.. that's all i can figure. that and we're getting old.