Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It's November and everyone is posting the 30 days of thankfulness statuses on facebook.  I didn't start it because I knew that I would forget so I am posting all thirty now.  Here we go.

I am thankful for...

1.  A great and powerful God who blessed me with many things to be thankful for
2.  Josh, he's so awesome and caring and supportive
3.  My mom, she's my best friend, the person I can vent to, and she rubs my hands when I'm sick
4.  My brother who texts me when he's bored and gets my inside jokes
5.  My house, I love that I have a home to come to after a long day
6.  That Josh is able to go back to school
7.  That my job allows us to live on one income, no matter how much I complain about our budget
8.  Libraries, I love books, nuff said
9.  Pumpkin spice lattes
10.  Name brand Swiffers and Pop Tarts, off brand doesn't cut it
11.  Depression meds, honestly, if I lived in a time without modern medicine it would be Rough
12.  Friends, geez I thought I already listed bad
13.  Apple scented candles
14.  My church family
15.  The babies in the nursery, I love to cuddle them
16.  Uplifting music, Blessings and Revelation Song and Mighty to Save are wonderful
17.  Dual control electric blankets
18.  FB, it sounds stupid, but I would never get to talk to or hear from a lot of people without it
19.  Half days off on Fridays
20.  Prayer, I think this gets another point, because a lot of people believe in God, but they don't talk to Him
21.  Musicals, they improve hard days
22.  My dad, he should have been up near the top, he taught me SO much
23.  A job that lets me wear blue jeans
24.  Dreams, I am so goal oriented that I would go nuts without something to dream about and work toward
25.  A good boss, I've had crappy ones and it makes a world of difference
26.  Chocolate
27.  Vacations, sometimes you just need to get out of your own neighborhood
28.  Four seasons, not everywhere has four seasons, I like to experience them all
29.  My den, best part of our house, comfy couches, big tv, gas logs, ahhhhh
30.  Holidays, I Love to celebrate

So obviously these things aren't in order.  My Dad ranks way above Pop Tarts!  I have much much much to be thankful for!

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