Monday, November 5, 2012

Red Roots

Tonight is short post because I have a cold and my head is full of mucous.  I don't think you needed to know, but now you do.  Isn't blogging wonderful lol?

Last night Josh and I went to night church for the second Sunday night in a row!  We are so churched.  We wanted to hear this group called Red Roots.  They are a Christian country/pop trio of three gorgeous red headed sisters (triplets!).  As you may know, I am not a huge country music fan, but Josh is expanding my appreciation of the genre.

They were awesome!  I wanted to post a video of them, but I can't find a good one.  Enjoy a picture instead.  Here is the link to their website and you can listen to their music there.  I even bought a cd as an impulse buy, that's how good I thought they were.  They kind of have a sound that reminds me of Taylor Swift, but their lyrics aren't annoying like hers can be (she's only 18ish how can she possibly have had this many disappointing relationships???).  Go give 'em a listen.

Also, don't forget to vote tomorrow.  If you don't vote, you don't get to complain, so go ensure your complaining rights.

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