Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Evening

Have you had a blessed Sunday?  I certainly hope so!  Mine has been pretty good.  This morning I had the nursery.  No one in the nursery had slept great, so they were a bit fussy, but, on the plus side, that meant I got a lot of snuggling and cuddling.  Then of course, there was nap.  Josh would say that I am witchy for three days if I don't get a Sunday afternoon nap, but that can't possibly true as I am always a bundle of sunshine and delight! ;)  After nap I went to the Lottie Moon Christmas Auction at my childhood church.  An aside, I have the hardest time calling FBC anything besides my church even though we are members at Boone Trail, which I also consider my church.  Can I have two churches?  I think I will.  What can they do, call a deacons meeting and say I have to swear allegiance to only one church body?  I got bread at the auction, that's all I ever get.  Gosh it is good. I look forward to it weeks in advance.

Then I went for a little drive.  I love to drive to relax, but I hate that gas prices are SO bad that I can't do it often!  I grabbed some confectioner's sugar and came home and made Royal Icing.  I am doing the cupcakes for my best friend's bridal shower.  I'm excited and nervous.  I want the cupcakes to look great for her.  Naturally, I needed my apron.  I get confectioner's sugar on every surface of the kitchen when I make icing.  Tres chic, non?

And I had to have my jam.  Yes, my "jam" is Les Mis.  That is my cake decorating music.  Don't know why, but I feel it needs to be on for me to use a piping bag.

Here are some of the flowers.  I was going to make the usual Wilton apple blossoms and then I accidentally made on very tall and more ribbon like, but I liked it so I switched to that.  It has a more jaunty, party-like air, than the flat apple blossoms.  Shrug, at least that's what my mind says lol.

Tomorrow is the Monday of an INCREDIBLY busy week.  Is there any chance I could hide under the covers and no one would find me?  Maybe I'll give that a go!

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