Friday, November 9, 2012

Managerial Office Supplies

Do you know what I don't understand?  The offices of high powered people, well at least management level power.  There are three things that all people in management have:  a blotter, a map, and a fake plant.  Why these three things?  I don't know.

No one has pens that require blotting anymore.  Bic doesn't blot, it clots, blot does not (sorry I was trying for the rhyme).  Why are blotters even a thing anymore?  There is no need.  However, go into any office of someone with power and they will have a blotter and there Will be ink on it!  This is only from doodling while in bad and boring conference calls.

A map, this makes sense if you are a war general and have one of those riding crops to push around little army men that represent troops.  If you are just a general manager of Burger King, you don't need a map to tell you where your fry shipment is coming from.  I really think this is just for throwing darts at.  Or, you get someone in there that you want to mess with and you say "You only get a raise if you can find the following countries on the map in order from east to west:  Nepal, Latvia, and Moldova."  Then you watch as fear flashes across their face as they go "Where in the HECK is Moldova??"

A fake plant, they are ugly, why are they in offices?  Outside my lab we keep real plants growing on the shelf (not me, I kill plants, but others).  Why are there no real plants?  It would make more sense to have something that requires a lot of a specialized care, like hot house orchids.  That would say "I have lesser minions to do Real work, I merely care for my orchid.  Pretty orchid."

These aren't just things that sort of accumulate in your office like rulers and safety pins.  People leave those when they move offices, but the blotter, map, and fake plant gets packed up and taken with the higher up.  These are treasured gems so to speak.  Some are even packed up and taken home when retirement rolls around.  I got nothing.  That's what I was thinking on today, a glimpse into my mind lol.

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