Thursday, November 15, 2012

Homekeeping Room

Today was one of those days where nothing really happened that was blog worthy.  A few funny comments, but nothing worth writing about.  That's the problem with NaBloPoMo, you have to come up with something every day.  I got home from work and everything seemed to fall apart, supper was a bust, my tutoring was frustrating, and my chocolate monograms are squishy.  I decided to take a bath and headed in there with my Martha Stewart Living magazine...and that's when I found it:  my blog post.  As a bonus, it is a soapbox.

Martha Stewart has a "homekeeping room".  It is a room converted from a garage/goat shed (yes, real goats) that has all her cleaning supplies in stations.  One of the stations is a "packing" station specifically for packing things to mail.  It is also where she keeps her second tape gun, because sometimes one per room just isn't enough.  Here are a couple of pictures from

Here is the whole room.  This is not exactly a shabby room.  She describes it as a small room, but for cleaning supplies, this is big!

This is an entire drawer of cleaning cloths of all different types.  Who has that many different kinds of cloths??

This is the packing drawer.

Here is the packing station up top.  SEVEN different kinds of twine.  Really???

This is what kills me.  She has spent thousands of dollars on the cabinets and shelves, which had to be retrofitted and the renovation that had to be done on the whole building.  Then there are hundreds of dollars worth of supplies.  I think that money can be a great blessing and I'm not begrudging her her fortune, but was seven kinds of twine the best way she could think to spend it?  Was there no one that could have used this money in a better way?  This is the epitome of insane to me.  It just seems a bit selfish.  It's not even in her house!  She has to walk across her compound to get there with her big brass table to polish (that was a project she was saying she was doing in there).  You know with that much money and her schedule, she isn't doing a lot of cleaning herself.  Why have this swanky place for "homekeeping" when most of your up keep is outsourced?  It just makes me sick to see any incredibly wealthy person looking for ways to spend their fortune and that is what this is.  There are so many needs and putting in French doors out of your homekeeping room isn't a need.

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