Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Successful Secessions

I never know whether to weigh in on hot topic issues or not.  On the one hand, I never want to make people angry because I'm a people pleaser.  On the other hand, I have a blog so I can vent opinions.  So you probably have heard the latest, that about thirty states have drafted petitions to leave the U.S. of A.  They want to succeed, at least according to many of the comments I've read.

Now I am sure, that those who signed the petitions do hope they succeed in their goal, but what they are mis-saying is "secede".  Secede means to leave a union or allegiance or organization.  Succeed means to achieve an aim.  That's just a refresher on what the terms really mean.

I think it is a little funny to listen/watch people debate fiercely on this topic without using the correct terminology.  It doesn't give me a lot of confidence in the whole movement.  Do whatever you think you need to do and feel free to voice your opinion, just try to know the difference.

Succeed in your secession or cease in your succession of sinful spelling substitutions!

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