Saturday, November 3, 2012

Birthday Season

Today begins my birthday season.  It's a joyful time of year :)  Mom wanted to cook for me and Josh wanted to take me out to eat so we are spreading it over two weekends.  I'm all for it, I love celebrating!  This evening Josh and I went down to Mom's and had five cheese lasagna and ice cream cake.  I'm no longer doing no meat at all, but I am still not eating a lot of and have developed an even deeper dislike of ground meat.  Dad and Eli were not super thrilled that there was no meat in the lasagna.  After trying it though, they admitted it wasn't That bad.  Everyone agreed the ice cream cake was good.  It really was.  We brought the rest of it home and Josh has already had a third piece lol.  I forgot my phone so I don't have any snapshots of the cake or anything, but I do have pictures of all the wonderful gifts I got!

I got a mop from one of my aunts.  I actually asked for a mop because the one I have has no wringing mechanism and I can't wring it out thoroughly enough.  It's more like swabbing the deck than actually mopping.  I got a Big Top Cupcake, it makes one of those big cake sized cupcakes from another aunt.  Finally I got a TON of Christmas goodies, dishes, a stocking, stocking holders, and a tree skirt from Mom, Dad, and Eli.  Mom got it all on really great clearance after Christmas at Hobby Lobby.  I am now even more excited about Christmas than I was!  I cannot wait to serve off my new dishes!

I also didn't have to clean the house because I cleaned deep last weekend and Josh picked up a lot yesterday because we were having company.  It was amazing to walk into a clean house!  I got to read and nap and then we went to get our shoebox gifts, more on that tomorrow.  It's been a good day.  I hope your day has been good as well!

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