Friday, November 2, 2012

Hobby Lobby Run

I went to Hobby Lobby on Wednesday.  Or was it Thursday?  I've slept since then.  I found out that the Halloween decorations would be marked down to 66% off.  I love a good deal so I came back the next day and got these cute little doodads.  When I saw the glittery owl, I felt like I had a Pier One moment.  Have you seen those commercials where the teapot says "You know how your kitchen needs a little something special?  Well I'm something special!"  That owl is something special lol.

There were tons of other cute things that really needed to go home with me, but I decided to wait.

I used to have these stickers on my wall and they looked great against that red paint, but with the cream paint they are very blah.  They just don't pop like they should.  I saw these other stickers that have the browns and teals that I have in my kitchen now, but I can't decide how they would look.  Thoughts?  Some people say the stickers look cheap, but they are cheap and cash flow is pretty limited.  Pros and cons.  Eh. 

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