Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas Recipes

Pinterest is killing me.  I've been looking at their Holiday Food and Craft section and I basically need to spend everything I have ever made at Hobby Lobby to make cute decorations and then spend everything I will make in the next five years making all the good recipes.  I really have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  It's great when you find a new recipe or craft that is awesome, but it is absolutely a time suck.  My favorite section is the Geek section and there is nothing you really gain from that.  Oh, certainly I laugh a lot and I love to see other people who have the same interests, but it wastes time without giving you great recipes.

So I say all that to say, let's look at a few recipes I've found lately.  The first one is from Martha Stewart.  My December Living magazine came in yesterday and there is this amazing lemon curd crepe cake in there.  It is a lot like this picture, but it has a full icing layer instead of dollop on top.  The crepes can be made up to a month ahead.  I'm thinking I want to make this for Christmas Day when my in-laws come down.

Then there is this popcorn.  For some reason I think of popcorn at Christmas.  I guess because we used to get those big tins full of different flavored popcorns.

Hmm, now I'm looking at the picture and it isn't descriptive enough.  This is popcorn with almond bark and crushed peppermint sticks and a dash of peppermint extract.  Tell me that doesn't sound like a great snack for Sunday evenings in December.

Finally there are pretzel rods.  They are so simple, but look so darn festive!  I think these would be great to make with kids.  They would love rolling the dipped pretzels in different candies and it's not like it can look "wrong".

Those are just three that I saw in the past two days.  Tell me your favorite Christmas Pinterest recipe.  If you like it, I probably will.  My lurkers out there, now is the time to delurk and let me in on your goodies (and your reading presence!)

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