Monday, November 14, 2011

This Was My Day

-Took Benedryl and slept like a rock.  It was blissful and wonderful and amazing.
-Went to work.  Men worked on heat in my office ALL day long.  Got very little done because someone was always sitting in my chair.
-Felt like the bear in Goldilocks "Someone has been sitting in my chair!"
-Had one of those moments where you intend to think to yourself but you find your mouth is moving.  It was going to lead to this evening's post, but I am completely worn out.
-Made PW's meatloaf.  The grease splashed onto the bottom of the oven.  It stunk like crazy.
-Tutored the little bro in trig.  Yet another rant is coming on the failure of our current educational system.  Look forward to that gem on Wednesday.
-Came home and discovered house still smells like burned grease.  Crap.
-Tired.  Now bed.  Good night world.  Tomorrow and Wednesday already have posts being made in my mind.  They promise to be more interesting.  May you sleep like you've taken Benedryl and may your house never smell of burnt grease.  Amen.

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