Thursday, November 10, 2011

They Be Passin Out the Good Drugs

 Our computers just got reimaged at work.  Besides screwing up every setting I have giving me a new OS, it also gave my co-workers and I something to muse and cackle over.  There are some people at Microsoft who are seriously TRIPPING on some hard core drugs.  Tuh-Ruh-Ip-Ing.  In order of what I consider least to most disturbing, I offer to your eyes "Characters":

Okay, so this is a little weird, but sort of like anime.  I mean anime can be trippy in its own right, but this is sort of like a cuter cuddlier Pokemon.  The cat like thing at the bottom is a little freaky cause it's blue, in a pink suit.  It makes me think of cotton candy.

Ooookay, so this is...weirder.  A little Grateful Dead meets Terry Pratchett.  Definitely some drugs going on.

Are these little Caspar babies?  Are they screaming?  Are they laughing?  Why are they holding their legs like that?  Are their eyes made of candy?  I have so many questions, chief among them:  who approved this for general release??  It's like Tim Burton goes to Candyland.  Trying to think of something nice to say My what attention to detail.  What in the Heck are the things in the yellow hoods????

I...I just don't even know.  I feel disturbed and pastel and like I would need some powerful hallucenogenics to understand what was going on this illustrator's head.

 Sweet Mother of Abraham Lincoln!  Hides behind hands.  Peeks.  AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!  This freaks me the heck out.  It is just...seriously have been sitting here looking at it for a couple of minutes and can't even come up with how to describe this. 

I'm guessing there are no random drug tests at this company?  Just a thought.

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