Sunday, November 20, 2011


Nothing much happened today.

-We went to church.  We are looking for a new church nearer to our house cause the church that we loved just went through a schism.  It was sad.   I hate church looking.  Today the church we went to had like 100 people.  One woman took it upon herself to introduce us to as many people as possible.  The service took 45 minutes (say what?!?  That was something I've never experienced)!  So we were home at like 9:30.
-I had to do some laundry cause we were at Mom's all yesterday.  I know, I know, honor the sabbath and keep it holy.  But Josh was going to have no pants to wear tomorrow, so does that mean my ox was in a ditch?  I'm going with it.
-Then it was nap time which I love dearly.
-I've been reading Travels with Charley by Steinbeck.  Not my fav, but it is next month's book club book.  I lack 29 pages so maybe I can push through tonight.  I do not like Steinbeck.  Sorry if that's sacrilege to you.
-Watched Gilmore Girls.  I heart that show a lot.  I hate that it is off.
-I've been contemplating the meaning of life.  Okay not that, but I am trying to find a goal.  I have no goal and that makes me very anxious.  I am goal driven so right now I am floating with no purpose and I HATE that.
-I made hot chocolate that wasn't as good as last weekend.  Shrug.  Oh well.

I'm dreading Monday much.  I hope your week beings great!

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