Monday, November 28, 2011

I Cannot Believe...

that I forgot to tell you all about my honeymoon!  It was a month ago and I have yet to tell you about, falling down on my job lol.  Soooo...yeah...turns out that we aren't cruise people.  I mean, we had an okay time.  There were moments that were cool and I'll tell you about them, but first...the other stories.  So we decided that cruising is great if A) you are a people person/in a group, B) like to drink a lot and can afford the Exorbitant prices on board, C) you have kids to watch splash in the pool.  We don't fit in any of those categories. 

Then there was the destination.  After we got back people said "Oh I knew going to the Western Caribbean was a bad idea but I hated to tell you".  Next time, tell me!  I thought, This will be great, we've been married long enough that we won't be all googly eyed and not see anything in the ports.  I want to get out and see as much as possible.  So we went Western Caribbean so we could see as much as possible.  We were going to Cozumel, Isla Roatan, Belize, and a private Carnival Island.  Here we hit a different issue:  weather.  So I checked the weather, I researched the weather, I read about the weather.  Turns out, all that did Not keep a hurricane from cropping up and destroying the itinerary.  We didn't get to go to two ports.  We went to a different port in Mexico.  One that was Shady!  Like, lots of men with fully automatic honkin' big guns.  There was so much poverty that it felt so incredibly ostentatious to be frolicking about, sun bathing, and drinking margaritas.  Western Caribbean < Eastern Caribbean.
Everyone raved about the food on board.  There was a truly amazing dessert.  Like chocolate coma inducing deliciousness but otherwise the food was just okay, nothing to be enthused about.

I think my biggest grievance was the whole port thing.  The excursions were expensive (read:  we are frugal and spent 80% of our time figuring up different money scenarios) but I talked to people who said that was no problem that you could find them cheaper in port.  That is true and that's what we did, but they didn't tell me that you HAD to have an excursion.  There were no white sandy beaches to walk on, no umbrellas to sit under, no way to get to the water without some sort of excursion.  The ports are gated so you can't get out, and the beaches, well I never saw the sand there are pictures of.  We did go to a man made beach, but it was made largely of shells. 

We went, we saw, we were ready to come home by day two, by day five we were even missing work.  I think next year we will just do something simple, like Charleston. 

Here are some of the good highlights of the trip:

 Books, sunrise, water (I was dehydrating and grateful for the wonderful H2O I finally got hold of)
 Sorry bout the cleavage, the camera angle kinda does that

 Bronty the Brontosaurus.  My fav towel animal

This last one, by FAR our fav day.  If every day had been like that, you would hear only one complaint and that would be that our digestive tracts are not suited to real Mexican food, call us wimps if you must.  Otherwise, it was great.

That was our trip:  some good, some not so good.  There was also a really bad banana cake, lots of talking, and a piano bar, but nothing else to major.

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