Monday, November 7, 2011

Corn Chowder

Today has been really low I really don't have much to post, but I have to because it is November and I follow completely arbitrary rules.  Whistle, whistle.  I did make some pretty good corn chowder.  There was a lot of butter.  And bacon.  And heavy cream.  It was wonderful.  My arteries are clogged with corny goodness.  I accompanied it with fresh sour dough bread from the church auction.  If Rumpelstiltskin (did you know Spell Check knows the correct spelling of Rumpelstiltskin?  It doesn't recognize my name, but that it knows?) were to make me an offer for my first born, he would offer me fresh bread.  Or chocolate, probably chocolate.  Yum.  I need chocolate now.
 Also, good news!  I figured out what that light switch went to!  (Trying to rearrange that sentence so it doesn't end with a preposition...somehow Josh's snoring is making it difficult, well that is my excuse for lack of good grammar lol).  I didn't even know that there was a light out there. 
Yeah, my life is THAT fascinating.  I know you are so impressed.  Tomorrow I will try to think of something better to write, I will also try to use better grammar.  I know you're excited.

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