Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On This Day 23 Years Ago...

...I was born!  If you are my Facebook friend, then you might have seen this.  If you wished me a happy birthday, thank you!  It has been a great day!  Josh got me an iPhone (that he gave me early because "we had to check if it was working" lol).  Because he wanted me to have something on my actual birthday he brought me flowers during work.  They are beautiful.  He also got me a card with a duck that said "Shake your tail feathers" somehow that was related to birthdays, but I can't remember how.  My co-workers got me cupcakes and we took almost an hour break and snacked and talked.  Then Josh and I went to Chop House.  I never want to eat again because I am so full.

Once upon a time, there was a time before digital photography and pictures were actually on film.  I was going to post a picture of me as a baby, but that would mean scanning pictures and going to my parents to get said pictures.  So here is me as a little girl.

It also made me think of the year I was born, so here a few interesting factoids:
-A stamp cost 25 cents
-Gas was $1.08/gallon...PLEEEEEAAAASSSEEEE let me go back to that price!!!
-Milk was $2.30/gallon...while we are back getting gas can I pick up some milk too?
-Ronald Reagan was president (but Bush was elected on this day).  Side story:  One year on my bday Mom said she considered naming me Reagan since he was elected that day.  Looong pause.  "No he wasn't.  Big Bush was."  Looonger pause.  "Oh yeah, I was busy and didn't vote.  Good thing I didn't name you Reagan!"
-The greenhouse effect was discovered.
-Josh was born.
-My mother began tying jewelry onto me because she desperately wanted a girl to doll up.  She also made sock with THREE yards of lace Per Sock!!

Perhaps those last two were not of national import but they were in my life :)  Happy my birthday to you!

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