Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Songs

Let's talk Christmas songs.  The radio station that we listen to at work has gone to totally Christmas songs so I am feeling the holiday cheer.  I would rather some carols were interspersed between regular non-Christmas songs, but whatever.  So I'm listening and I hear the first part of this song that starts Dear Mister Jesus but then my head was in the hood so I couldn't hear the rest.  Well, a few days later, after a particularly peppy song like Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (I think) the song plays again and I had to look up the lyrics.  Here they are:

Dear Mr. Jesus, I just had to write to you
Something really scared me, when I saw it on the news
A story 'bout a little girl beaten black and blue
Jesus, thought I'd take this right to you

Dear Mr. Jesus, I don't understand
Why they took her mom and dad away
I know that they don't mean to hit with wild and angry hands
Tell them just how big they are I pray

Please don't let them hurt your children
We need love and shelter from the storm
Please don't let them hurt your children
Won't you keep us safe and warm

Dear Mr. Jesus, they say that she may die
Oh I hope the doctors stop the pain
I know that you could save her and take her up to the sky
So she would never have to hurt again

Please don't let them hurt your children..

Dear Mr. Jesus, please tell me what to do
And please don't tell my daddy
But my mommy hits me, too.

Please don't let them hurt your children...

Geez oh Pete!  Here I was all peppy and jolly and then I started tearing up.  Now my lower lip starts to tremble every time it comes on.  And what really makes this a Christmas song?  Nothing so far as I can tell!  So, to recap, it makes my heart very sad and has nothing to do with the holidays.  Sigh  :'(

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