Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kissy Kissy

 So something I was watching on tv made me think about how kissing has changed in the movies.  I'm fan of old movies.  Black and whites make my heart happy because they contain some of the best actors and plots (before those plots were re-done and re-done until that poor horse had been beaten to a painful death).  Let's look at some examples.

 This is from Roman Holiday.  Classic Audrey Hepburn.  Gregory Peck is a good looking guy too.  They have quite the lip lock going on but somehow it is still chaste.  They aren't eating one another.  Thumbs up.

Here is an even more classic shot:  Rhett and Scarlet.  There is sexiness absolutely oozing out of this shot and yet they aren't losing pieces of clothing.  No doubt that they are into each other, but it conveyed with SO much more class, without losing one iota of emotion.

Next there is this shot from Ghost.  Not nearly so classy.  Seriously, this is probably one of the steamiest kisses in movie history, but I sort of felt like I should avert my eyes.  I thought Patrick Swazye and Demi Moore might want a little privacy.  If my dead husband were phantomly and passionately kissing me I wouldn't want an audience...I'd want a doctor to investigate my precarious mental state.

Finally there are kisses in the realm of the Twilight movies.  Snort.  If you call that kissing.  I call that giving someone a tonsilectomy with no anesthesia, for the kissee or the audience.   WHERE are her pants?!?!  I miss old kisses and old movies.  :(  Classics for the win!  There is no need to show the audience every bit of your anatomy or perform tongue calisthenics to convey ardor.

Of course, there could be this movie kiss...which just falls into a category all it's own.  Yeah...we'll just leave it there.


  1. RE: the twilight pic, they're on the beach, she's probably in her bikini. But lol at the tonsilectomy comment. :)

  2. @Amanda, I am very relieved to hear that she is wearing a bikini. I was hoping so.

    @Ashley, Thanks! Laughter is great! :)