Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Day in Pictures

Today was productive and here are the pictures to prove it. 

I unpacked a lot of the remaining stuff that had been left at my parents house.  Among the things was this little guy.  Dad got him for me Christmas last year or the year before.  He thinks there is a resemblance.

Then I cleaned my toilets and did laundry but there is no picture of that.  I know you are disappointed.  Then I moved this bed frame, mattress, and most of the box springs up the stairs.  I say most because Josh came home when I was one third of the way up the stairs with the beast and helped with the last bit.  It was heavy.  I had to turn a crappy corner.  I am woman, hear me roar.

The new king sized mattress were put in our room!  Woo hoo!!!  We have room to sleep!  There is now hope of sleeping!  We ordered the bed frame today as well.  It should be in here in about two weeks.

Josh got a propane tank for the gas logs so we don't have to shiver in the living room anymore.

Mom made chicken and dumplings for my belated birthday dinner.  We had cake.  It was wonderful.  I have a ton left.  :)

I got my mixer!  I'm so excited!  It looks great.  I also got saddle oxfords.  All in all, a very good day.  (I have no idea why this is sideways.  I rotated it and saved it upright, the thumbnail shows it correctly.  Just turn your head and look.)

 I hope your Saturday was equally good!

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