Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bedroom Help

 So we are starting on a bedroom renovation and I need some help with decorating ideas cause decorating is not my strong suit.  So this is our current bedroom situation.  As you can see pretty much anything would be an improvement at this point.  We had a bed, but we are getting a new frame so the mattress is on the floor.  We had carpet but the previous owners had a dog and the carpet had bugs.  Shiver.  It had to go.

The new bed has been ordered and will be in shortly though I need to call and see exactly when that will be.

 We are getting hardwood (and basically starting the whole thing after the new year).  We have this hardwood (on left) but we don't like it cause it is too light and the slats are too narrow.  We like the other one but we're not sure if they need to match.  The one we don't like is more expensive to put down.  I hate to pay more for something we don't like but I like things to match.  Thoughts?

We want to paint.  I am thinking blue.  A medium blue.  Maybe this one or maybe one of the bottom three of the second row.

I want a new bedspread because that one is not my style.  It was free and that was GREAT!  I am of two minds about a breadspread.  I like the blue tones because blue is soothing and sleepy but I like the contemporary feel of the black and white.  More thoughts?  I am all about hearing your opinions and thoughts cause like I said, I am out of my depth here.


  1. The bed is super nice! I don't think your hard woods HAVE to match, and I think the darker one would go much better with the bed frame. Also, since you are going with a dark wood frame the lighter paint and fabric would probably open the room up more. I personally have an espresso leather sleigh bed and it really does seem to take over the room. Plus, the blue bed set has different colors, so you would have more options when your ready for accessories and wall art.