Monday, April 30, 2012

People Displaying Their Craziness

Tonight there was something on the radio talking about revenge on ex-boy/girl friends.  This woman came on and told this story.  She was with a guy who cheated and proceeded to get engaged to the woman he cheated with.  Somehow this woman "made" him cheat with her (the first woman).  She took pictures of this "incident" and put the pictures on the second girl's car On Her Wedding Day!!

Can we just talk about how many things are wrong with this?  In the first place, she told this story on radio, a public arena.  I mean, WHY would you advertise this even if you did it?  Moving on to the next issue:  dude is a jerk!  I mean a cheating low down scuz bucket.  Cheated on not one, but two girls!  Not cool, not cool.  Next up, this wasn't just revenge.  It wasn't just a lashing out, seeing his car in her driveway and throwing a brick through his window.  It was planned out.  It was studied.  Girl crazy!  Then, this is really bad, she took pictures of this!  Not just pictures for personal use, which grosses me out because my thighs jiggle, no one wants that committed to film.  No, these pictures went to someone else!  And finally Her Wedding Day?!?!  That is definitely as low as you can go.  My first thought was the practical of she couldn't get her deposits back.  The second was that someone would have to die, probably two someones. 

I just could not believe this!  I had to share.  People are crazy.  They are particularly crazy when they don't keep their crazy to themselves!

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