Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Cook, Therefore I Design

Yesterday I was looking for some new glasses because mine have definitely seen better days.  I am having to strain my eyes to see around the multitude of scratches.  I had been feeling kind of put on with the quality of these glasses because I "just" got them, when I realized that I "just" got them five years ago, so yeah, maybe time for a change haha!  As I was trying pair after pair on I came across a pair of Paula Deen glasses.  Now, I like Paula Deen.  I like to watch her show, I've heard her restaurant is amazing, and her cookware is supposed to be wonderful.  My question is:  how does her impressive cooking technique make her an appropriate person to style eye wear?  It's not just her; there are many celebrities who have have products emblazoned with their name that have little to nothing to do with what their area of expertise is.  Is it a greed thing, they want to make more money off of their name?  A pride thing, "everyone should look/smell/dress/eat like me because I'm Awesome!"?  An opportunity thing, while they are a household name they should capitalize on it because fame is fickle and short lived?  An ego thing, they are particularly good at one thing (singing, acting, cooking, what have you) so they assume they are good at everything, i.e. designing perfume or clothes?  I just don't really get it.  For some reason it bothers me.  I think the perfume industry does in particular because I know how many good and talented chemists and people with crazy accurate noses worked on a perfume to make it smell great, but they get no credit while someone else stamps their name on it and everyone wants to buy it for the star factor.   Sad for the chemists :(  I didn't end up with glasses, Paula Deen or any other type but maybe some Leah Michele's or Kristin Chenoweth's are in my future!

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