Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm Rounded In More Ways Than My Hips*

 Today was a good day.  Fridays are always nice.  I get half days off on Friday and I usually hang out with Mom. 

I got a new purse at the very first place I looked!  This was nothing short of miraculous because buying a new purse is extremely tedious normally.  It is way better than the one I had which I got in the 6th grade, had a big stain from a pen exploding in it, and had a good sized tear.  Plus this is pink!

I also got this cool jacket which says to me "I was once a real bad a$$ but now I've traded in that lifestyle for the corporate world, but I still want you to know I'm the shiz".  None of that, of course, is true of me, but perhaps people will believe the jacket.  And it was on sale for $5!  Five Dollars!  Woo hoo!

I went to get a baby shower gift and I saw this sign.  Well I actually saw the table and had to stop and look at the Doctor Who DVDS because how cool is that I ask you?  And I was perusing over the table when I saw that it was labeled "geek chic".  It made me smile.

Then, I got home (and took a glorious nap) and discovered that my Martha Stewart Living had come in!  Woo hoo!  Girl knows how to throw a party.  I am way excited because my magazine subscription got all messed up and I haven't had my monthly infusion of random collectibles/Martha's decolletage cream advice/obscure ingredient recipes that I need to feel civilized.  This magazine has some unique stuff but I love it.  It also makes me smile.

I think today really displays all the various facets of my personality from pink purses to reformed biker jackets, Doctor Who to Martha Stewart.  Three cheers for being well rounded!  I hope your Friday was equally smile worthy :)

*PS My mother really did mention how rounded my hips were getting today.  Um...thank you?

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