Monday, April 9, 2012

Mirror Mirror on My Wall

I have a magic mirror.  It's in my bathroom.  In the morning I sit up on the counter and use the magic mirror to put on my makeup.  When I get done I look pretty decent, definitely ready to face the day.  However, it seems that I live in a very magically area because between my house and work there is a reverse Thief's Downfall.  Remember that from the 7th Harry Potter book?

The group went through and all the enchantments came off and they looked like normal?  Well I start out looking okay, Hermoine style (not the nude Emma Watson kind though) but somehow by the time I get to work I look like Bellatrix Lestrange.  It is not a pretty sight.  Apparently other bathrooms don't have magic mirrors that make you look nice.

I don't know what the deal is.  My mirror must be particularly forgiving or something.  I think the real issue is my makeup.  I am cheap thrifty and found some old makeup I had from about three years ago and I'm trying to use it up and it has not aged well or never worked well to begin with.  I am getting horrible coverage.  I've always had yucko skin.  Right after I got married it really cleared up because I got some birth control in  my system and I had a nice comfortable office.  The bc gave me those excruciating headaches though and pretty skin isn't worth it.  I also switched offices to one that has the most uncomfortable chair/keyboard/monitor configuration possible.  As a result, I spend hours a day with my head propped up on my hands touching my face which just introducing all sorts of additional oils and microbes that I try not to think about.  Wonder if my complexion would be reason enough for my boss to give me a new office?  ;)

I'm kind of at my wit's end with it.  I'm 23 years old and I want my face to look decent gosh darn it!  So what makeup do you use?  Especially foundation, that is my biggest issue.  I can get by with Covergirl for oily skin and that keeps my shine down some, but I can't find foundation that doesn't leave me cakey or completely uncovered.  I'm either going to have to change that or start hauling my mirror around to prove to people that there is a Hermione under this Bellatrix exterior. 

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