Monday, April 23, 2012

Who Knew This Was a Holiday?

Do you know what this week is?  It is Disney Princess week!  I am not even making this up!  I just saw that on Disney's Facebook page.  In honor of that wonderful holiday, I feel we should look at Princess pictures.  One of the benefits of Pinterest (besides being a great time waster) is finding out that other grown women still love Disney and especially the princesses as much as I do!  Isn't the internet a wonderful way to find other people who have the same interests?  Look at these cool reinterpretations of them.

Yes they are Princesses as tattoos.  How cool would that be to have?  Very cool, very very cool
Elegant Princesses-can I have all these dresses please?

 Hipster Princesses- the Aurora and Tiana looks are my fav

If Princesses were on the cover of Vogue.  Tres chic!

Little Disney Princesses with their sidekicks as stuffed toys!  D'awwww!

1 comment:

  1. COOL! I agree the aurora one is awesome
    Love it and love the sidekicks. GREAT JOB!
    I'll show my friends. Cause I have a blog too and I don't get much comments and nobody gets anything, so I'll try to spread the word out!