Saturday, May 5, 2012

Love Affair

Josh and I have a love affair.  We are in love with Knoxville.  Is it weird to love a city?  We love how much there is to do and how many places there are to eat and shop and hang out.  We went down there today to shop and eat at The Melting Pot.  Eating at The Melting Pot is becoming an annual tradition.  I am so stuffed right now that I Never Ever Ever want to eat again in my entire life!  Never. 

We went to Williams Sonoma which is one of my favorite stores in the entire world.  Josh says it is my Sears, meaning I just go in and starting touching things and saying "I want this, and this, and this, and oh! that!!"  But look at these cookie cutters.  Are they not the cutest things ever???

The only problem is that I don't know if I like the Snow White ones or these Marvel Heroes ones better.  I think these would be so cute if you did an Avengers party before seeing the movie and served these.

Then we went to a wholesale furniture store and found everything we need for our den.  We have looked for months for a tv stand (seriously, like 16 months) and a couch and coffee table.  We have looked at every store around the area and couldn't find anything we just loved.  We literally found all those pieces in one store.  It was amazing.  They were also at wholesale prices!  Score!  Now we have to figure out which piece(s) we want now and what we should wait on til a little later.  This is a terrible picture of chair in the couch set we like.  It is black leather with the softest fabric.  The chair is a swivel chair and Josh and I are already fighting over it!  It's actually way nicer looking in real life lol.

 Then I found two pictures to hang in the guest bathroom.  It was at this place called HomeGoods.  My friend Bev took me there once and I managed to find it again.  They have such great prices on stuff.  We also got super cheap King size pillows for our bed.

After that we walked around down town and ate.  Then we saw a groom in a Prosche (Josh estimated a $300,000 car) wreck it into his rented stretch Hummer with the bridal party inside.  You could hear his pretty demure bride yelling F#&@! all the way up and down the street.  I chuckled just a tiny bit.  Apparently it was one of the groomsmen's father's car and he and the groom starting arguing loudly about the damage.  That would ruin your day.

We had a way better day than the bridal party and now we are safe at home and pretty sleepy.  Hope your day was great!

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