Thursday, April 19, 2012

Busy Brain Musing

Boy oh boy today was HECTIC!  I didn't get in for the night until 8:30.  For anyone else in the world, this wouldn't be that late, but I am a real home body and a super early to bed-er.  Today I had training all day.  I also had a very time consuming experiment running that I had to deal with in between the training.  Then I ran home and tried to pick up my house which was entirely overwhelmingly messy.  I have no idea why that happened or when or how.  All in all, I was just very confused by my house.  Then I ran to book club.  I Love my book club but I always dread it on the day because I love my home and because social stuff sounds more fun far off.  After that I went directly back to work to do some more on that experiment and to do part of another one that I couldn't get finished.  FINALLY I got to get home.  Shew!  I iz worn out!  When I'm hurrying like that my mind is just like Bing, Bang, Zip, Pow!  Here is a sample of my brain cause I think hearing how others think is fun.

"How long has that vacuum been sitting in the den?  When did I last vacuum?  Have I walked around it this whole time?  Oh my gosh!  Look at that bug Josh killed!  It is HUGE!!  I'll clean that up in just a sec.  Hmm, I should eat some supper, I will...soon.  Why is there lint on the back of this toilet seat?  Do we have linty butts?  How does that even happen?  I'll blame it on Josh.  Oh, I have to remember to get a baby shower gift.  Oh and I have nursery on Sunday.  I hope little D is happier.  Dear God, please let little D be happier today, in Jesus' name.  I really hope his parents don't think I'm being mean to him.  Oh yeah, God, please let them know I am trying to be good to their kid?  I think I've failed him as a nursery worker.  Oh don't forget the bug!"

Seriously this is what my brain does all day long.  Poor brain.  It's tired.  I think I'll rest it.

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