Thursday, April 12, 2012

Training Fries My Brain

Today I was in all day GC (gas chromatography) training All Day Long.  I did really well the first half of the day but during the second half my mind was just here and yon.  Here are a few of the things that went through my mind.

-The guy who was doing the presentation was so incredibly passionate about GC, like a whole whole lot.  He has a blue million stories about all sorts of GC related shenanigans (who knew there was so much mischief going on in Dutch labs in the 60s...oh wait lol).  Anyway, it definitely made me think about my job.  It's a good job, especially for my age and just starting out but it doesn't really excite me.  I certainly don't feel as passionate about it as he does about his job.  I feel passionate about Josh, like taking care of him and our home and stuff, but that doesn't make us much of a living!

-I read this on Facebook on the other day and for some reason it has stuck with me, tell me what you think.  The question was:  would you rather be happy or right?  I think there is "right" answer, but honestly I'd rather be right.  Josh says he would too.  I mean being right makes me happy and if I were wrong I would be sad so if those are the two options, to be happy but wrong or right but unhappy, then I don't understand the parameters being set.  At least Josh agrees lol.

-You need to look at this website.  I didn't see that during the presentation, but it cracked me up.  :D

-If you play DrawSomething then you need add me because it is so stinkin' fun!  I suck at Pictionary and it usually frustrates me, but not this, maybe because the other people can't see me struggling with my lack of artistic skill lol.  I love my iPhone because I didn't realize what fun stuff I was missing out on with my old flip phone!

-I've been looking at New York tour guide books to help prepare for our trip :) :) :)  There is just SOO SOO SOO much to see that I am having a hard time deciding what I "must" see what I "really want to see" and what I can "probably live without seeing".  Thoughts, opinions, and experiences are much appreciated.

Tomorrow's Friday, just one more day to go before the weekend!

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  1. Sierra, here is my favorite list of things to do in NYC - some things are very touristy but a must:

    - Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island - I wasn't so sure about Ellis Island but Kayla and I did it and loved it - get the guided headsets - well worth the money.

    - Empire State Building

    - Several plays, several plays, several plays

    - Carriage ride through Central Park - especially if you are a movie buff

    - Shopping on Canal street - we need to talk about how to do this if you decide you want too. I can give you some good pointers - have alot of experience in this area.