Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mopping with Jesus

Ah!  They've changed my posting format...must try to find publish button...oh there it is.  Okay now I'm back on track.

Today was mopping day at work.  Mopping day is one of my least fun days of the month.  We are required to mop once a month (ew, only once??) to keep up with predetermined housekeeping standards.  This task has fallen to me.  Oh happy day.  (Deep sarcasm) 

The thing is, I don't mind to mop at home.  I pour a little pinesol and go to town and then read while my floor dries or until the dryer stops.  It's not my most favorite chore, but no biggie.  Mopping at work is an entirely different story.  In the first place we use bleach which one of my coworkers is allergic meaning I must plan my mopping around his schedule.  Secondly, two different male coworkers feel that is the appropriate time to comment on a woman's place.  I honestly had one tell me that mopping was all I was qualified to do in a lab.  I contemplated several alternative places that the mop handle could go after that statement.  I felt a little bitter about the whole mopping thing.  I mean, I graduated top 10% of my class in high school and magna cum laude in college.  Surely I didn't do all that schooling and learning to mop??

Here's the thing though, I'm not too good to mop a floor.  My bitter feelings toward my blue and red mop bucket are nothing more than pride, which isn't a good and attractive trait.  The issue isn't with no one else ever doing the mopping or with the guy who thinks women should only mop, it's a me issue.  I have actually had to spend time in prayer about my pridefulness concerning this mopping, that because I have a piece of paper that says I have a degree that I should somehow be exempt and thinking/doing "better" things.  I finally got this verse from Colossians:  And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.  Yeah mopping may not be a blast and it may not be what I studied to do, but at least I have a job and in this economy that is something.  At least I can make some sort of tangible contribution even if it is just getting the muck off the floor.  Whatever I do, I need to do to glorify God and having a prideful outlook isn't glorifying to Him.  If the worst thing He asks me to do while praising Him is mopping, then I've got it easy.

That's my thought, given to you, for the day.  Whatever you do tomorrow, whether it is making important decisions or scrubbing the toilet give thanks to God (Col. 3:17) and do it to His glory (1 Cor. 10:31).  Also, don't put mop handles up anyone's rear ends, I think that falls under Not glorifying God.

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