Saturday, April 14, 2012

Movies and Marriage

Josh cracks me up and we make a great couple, but we have completely different tastes in movies/senses of humor.  Today we went running around, looking at furniture, we desperately need another couch.  We like to be close, but man we are Really Really close on this couch!  Anyway, our trials of finding furniture aren't the point.  After furniture shopping and supper and the mall, we ran to Wal-Mart where we raided the $5 movie bin.  We each were allowed to get a movie.  Josh got Office Space and I got You've Got Mail.

We watched Office Space first in case Josh fell asleep during the second movie :)  He was Rolling!  He kept just looking at me and saying "Laugh!  It's funny!"  Except it just isn't funny to me.  It was actually just very sad.  I mean the poor mumbling guy?  That was awful!  I cried, honest to goodness.  During the scene where he is in the basement and the boss comes down and is asking him to kill the cockroaches and he was saying it isn't his job, that is so sad!  I just started crying!  So I can confidently say, not a funny movie to me.  Now, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan that is another story.
Really, do we need to say more than Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?  I mean, I know it's a romantic comedy and that's overdone and not a high brow kind of humor or anything, but it's so cute!  And it's funny!  I mean the segment where Joe is mimicking The Godfather "Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday""Leave the gun, take the cannoli".  That is hilarious?  And when he uses "piazza" in the interview and it doesn't get in and he is saying he was eloquent?  I laugh hard!  I like this movie.  I don't cry.  Or if I do cry it's happy tears because Brinkley brings the two of them together and oh how precious.

That's my life.  I know I live a fascinating life.  I know you are jealous of our movie night.  ;)

PS:  The scene where they are talking about Starbucks forcing people with no decision making skills to make at least six decisions just to get coffee, that is completely true.  This is why I have a love/hate relationship with Starbucks.  Mostly love though.

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  1. I LOVE office space! I have a fax machine/copier that I would love to kill like they did on that movie :)