Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Poem for Josh...

So my Dad and my aunt started giving each other gag gifts a few years ago.  Over the years they have exchanged pig ears, deer dung, light up bras, and an electric nose picker.  This year, because he is still "new" to the family, Josh was the recipient of the gag gift.  My Dad has many talents and even writing is among them.  Here is the poem he wrote to Josh.

Here's a little diddy bout Josh and Sierra
Cruising about in hurricane weather.

Travel and romance on the high seas
Tell me now children what did you see?

How blue's the water out on the deep?
Where did you walk, how did you sleep?

Tell me abou the moonlight, the sunsets,
the seas, the islands, the romance, did
you smell the salty breeze?
How crystal is the water, how shining
is the sand?  Did you swim in new
oceans, did you walk upon new land?

Regale me son, whatever did you see?

What's that...a terry cloth menagerie?
A tsunami of towel origami
A hog, then a dog, then a fabric folded frog

What, this unfolding in the sand?
Shush keep you eye on the folding man.
Will it have wings to fly?
Cottonelle featers and terry cloth eyes.

Sie, hold the romance, save up the smooch
Is that a monkey or a pooch?
Hold on babe save the pucker
I'm thinking that's a yellow billed sapsucker.

A fowl or a fish, a flower or a dish
see the bend and the twists
take notes, now wath this
the to's and the fros...and elephant who knows

Have trunk will travel,
as the towel turns
busy us a book
so the folding we can learn.

Well now my son you've gained your wish,
Read this book quick and fold me a fish.

And then Josh got a towel origami book.

Seriously though, my Dad wrote this in AN HOUR!  Props to him! 

If you missed it in an earlier post about my honeymoon or you didn't seen the facebook album, Josh and I Loved the towel folding stuff.  Josh was too manly and cool to do the demonstration in the ship lobby but he was all about folding the animal when we got back to the room.

Josh said it was the nicest poem any man had ever written him lol!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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