Friday, December 23, 2011

Look At the Fruits of My Labor

Well, nothing about this really counts as fruit.  There is literally half a tub of butter in all this.  My arteries starting waving a white flag at like 3:00.  It all tastes pretty good, some of it doesn't look so hot, but that is small potatoes compared to taste.  There is party mix, chocolate fudge, chocolate dipped pretzels, Oreo balls, a cheese plate, and cranberry and white chocolate cookies.  I also made crab dip but I took it down to Mom's house.  I am cooked out!  The really funny thing is that this is only Part of the stuff that I am serving on Sunday to my in-laws.  That in and of itself isn't that funny, but what makes it chuckle worthy is how little the six total people that are coming eat.  Yeah, it got a little out of hand.  I am also having chips and dip, pizza rolls, meatballs, and chocolate chip cookies that I haven't fixed yet.  And punch.  And Tums.  Lots of Tums.

That's what I did this afternoon!  How was your day?

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