Thursday, December 8, 2011


There was a baggie hanging on our door handle.  I kept accidentally forgetting it and so it hung there a couple days.  This morning I finally remembered and thought someone might break in because it really looked like we were on vacation so I got it off the door handle.  It was a welcome to this town bag.  Now, mind you, I lived seriously fifteen minutes from where I do now, but it was a nice gesture.  This bag was Packed with all sorts of adds and info for new people.

That ALL came out of the bag, it isn't just random clutter on counter!  Save a tree people!  There were three letters from government officials (two mayors and our state representative), several gift cards (thank you very much, we will be using them!), and FOUR adds for gynecologists.  Let that sink in for a second.  FOUR!  I mean what says welcome to the area more than a healthy pap smear?  Can you think of anything, cause I can't...oh wait...pretty much anything.  I mean that is Really getting to know your neighbors.  Yep, so that was my afternoon, gift card to Applebees and several well qualified ob/gyns to consider.  Hope your day was great!

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