Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like..Spring?

We're Soapboxin' today!  You ready? 

I went to Food City yesterday and I was looking for chocolate oranges (no luck, where do you get them?).  There I was wondering the aisles when what should assail my eyes?  Valentine's Day Debbie Cakes.  VALENTINE'S DAY.  Pause while I check the calendar...yep, sure enough, it is still Decemeber.  Something like six weeks between now and the dreaded V-Day (my hatred of Valentine's is another whole post, it's a fun one).  It isn't Christmas yet!  I mean come on!  Could they not have left the Christmas Debbie Cakes for a few more days, til, you know, the holiday was Over!!?!  Now don't get me wrong I love me some heart shaped cakes, they taste better, but I think that is a mental thing.  Still!  Craziness all around.

And it was all around.  This afternoon I went to Hobby Lobby and what did I see?  SPRING decorations.  When I went to Hobby Lobby before there were aisles and aisles of Christmas decorations.  It was a Christmasaplooza in there.  Tinsels were coming out of body cavities that tinsel should never come out of...and don't even talk about those pointy little ornaments.  Today, everything was 50% off (which I loved, I plan to go back and rack up) but they were setting out tulip decorations and things that said SPRING in large pastel colors.  Today is the winter solstice.  It isn't spring.  In any definition it is not spring.  I know they want to get a jump on things, but geez louise they have a little time!

Blatant and excessive consumerism is already overrunning the holiday but now it is even restocking shelves with fresh junk seasonal decorations before the season has even passed.  Siiiigh.  I was appalled and had to share.  Now I have.  I know your day is better for it :)

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