Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Much Moreness

Do you remember this family?  This whole season is supposed to be about celebrating Jesus's birthday and yet He seems very absent from the celebration.  I've mentioned this to a couple of people.  Some say that it is because it is the first time I am doing my own thing for Christmas and so buying presents and planning a menu and decorating and trying to catch up work have obscured the reason for the season.  I'm sure that's partly true, but does it seem to be even More this year?  More non-stop music about what Santa should bring them, More hectic and spastic people at the grocery stores, More presents, just More.  Honestly, I don't feel like I've really stopped and celebrated The Birth yet.  Yeah, I've been to church every Sunday this month, but I'm used to have a more pervasive sense of wonder at the virgin birth and more focus on why it is I have a four day weekend...I mean why we set out cookies...I mean, do you see the Moreness I refer to?

Let's take a moment.  Mute the tv.  Turn down the radio.  Just sit and think about why we have Christmas.  Think about the peace that the angels spoke of and the glory.  Just rest in the beauty of the season and forget that you need to thaw the ham on Thursday and that you need a gift for Aunt Suzie and all that.

Ah.  Feel better?  I kind of do.  I hope you enjoy this season.  Don't let it get too hectic.  Remember, not even the shepherds brought a covered dish, and they knelt at the feet of God.

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