Thursday, December 29, 2011

Toilet Friends

I had my wisdom teeth out on Monday.  Oh heavens.  It has been Rough with a capital R.  I have zero recollection of be druggy.  The only thing I remember is talking to the surgeon and then waking up in bed.  I'm hoping the surgeon had no part in me being in bed ;)  I did not realize the human body could swell as much as my cheeks swelled.  Seriously, my lips were almost entirely lost in the massiveness of my jowls.  Josh looked at me and said "Oh look!  This is what you'd look like if you were fat!"  He did Not win brownie points for that!  In payment he got a 24 hour virus.  We laid in the bathroom floor and were both pretty sure we were going to die.  It was unpleasant.  My cheeks are still big.  I'm still recovering.  Oh well.

So what I really wanted to talk about today was not my teeth cause that is about all I've talked about this week, let's talk about friends.  I have a very dear friend who offered to make us soup and come help and to clean my toilets.  Isn't that really the mark of a true friend?  Think through your list of Facebook friends.  Who are you toilet friends?  Those friends who you know so well that you will get all up in their business and it doesn't bother you or them at all.  You have friends you make casseroles for or pick up dry cleaning for and then you have friends that taste things after you said "eww...taste this, does this taste funny?"  Two totally different tiers of friends, not that you don't love the first, but you don't share those intimate details of your life with just anyone.

This is totally my friend and I.  We all have them.  Go write to your friend and tell them how blessed you are to have them in your life!

Hmm, somehow this post isn't the direction I had planned.  Sad face.  Let's blame it on me being sick.

P.S.  I wrote a blog post a couple days ago and it was a poem Dad wrote for Josh.  For some reason it wouldn't link but you Need to go read it, too too funny!

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