Friday, December 9, 2011

Bragging On Josh/ Bedroom Renovation Part Deux

I have seriously THE best husband in the entire world.  He is so good to me.  I have no idea what I did to deserve him, nothing that I can think of (now singing Something Good from the Sound of Music).  Anyway, this is why my husband is the best.

As you know we have been working on the bedroom.  Well Josh painted it.  We spent a lot of time picking out colors, laying on the bed holding color swatches to the wall, debating how dark the colors would get when dried, talking about lighting.  Apparently, all this time spent thinking and working meant nothing because the paint was so so bad.

If you know me, you know I talk a lot (heck if you read this blog you know that!).  I mean, there is a very long video of me as a two year talking on my pretend phone on the toilet.  I had a long conversation along the lines of "I left you a wunnerful message on your answering machine.  It was just Wunnerful!" and this went on for a long time, like twenty minutes.  I've had a lot to say my whole life.  When I saw this paint I was completely speechless.  I was on the phone with Mom and she was saying stuff like "describe it" and "it can't be that bad" and all I could say were "There are no words.  It's just so Blue."

My dear Reader, this wall was so blue that it smacked you in the face with a paint brush while screaming BLUE!!!!  I have never seen anything that that was intensely blue, especially in such quantities.  You know the electric blue that you seen on some electronic displays?  It was like, en masse.  I went in the kitchen, sat down in the floor and started to cry.  Josh came and found me and was shocked to see I was crying, after all it is just paint.  I wailed "You worked So hard to make our room look THAT bad!"  What I love about him is that he knew I really meant that as a compliment on his work.  Then he got me calmed down and took me to Chik-fil-a and we got new paint.  The bedroom is now redone completely.  Before there was a very little-boy-nursery blue and the above stated BLUE!!!!  Now there is a very pale blue, very calming, if it were in special font it would be blue and a navy color, which needs no font because you can imagine it.  

My husband is so great because he has worked so incredibly hard to get that room painted, not once, but twice now.  He wasn't mad that I was in a small puddle of tears, he just fixed it.  He even got me restaurant food despite the fact we are financially dieting.  He said not one word of complaint when I took a migraine pill (I had been at the dentist which always gives me a blistering headache) and went to sleep.  He's the best.  I love him :)

Here are some pictures.  The pictures are kind of blah because the colors look a little different than they do in real life.  The bed will be here tomorrow (Finally!) so that will be great.  It's coming together.

 Yes, I know the shot isn't dead on, I wanted to show the paint contrast.

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  1. whoa that other blue is terrible. My husband and I's room used to be this weird baby blue sky blue color, and it was just terrible. we just got our room repainted this past week and it's like "aaaaah" so much better lol