Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Hill to Die On

Do you ever get things or situations that you find your self being stubborn about to a degree completely inappropriate to the magnitude of the event?  I do.

At work we put our trash in five gallon buckets to be burned.  I order the buckets.  Before Thanksgiving I ordered twenty-five of these buckets.  Somehow this request got lost in the infinite space that it is the internet (or intranet in this case).  Okay, no big deal.  I come back on Monday and I Really need these buckets so I order them a second time.  I request them that day.  They are on the premises and usually they get things really quick.  Do you see where this is going?  Of course you do.

Buckets STILL aren't here.  Now I am totally stubborn about it.  Now there are some buckets down on the dock that I could use in the interim, nope, no siree Bob.  I want My buckets.  The ones that I ordered.  No bending.  Now, because we actually need the buckets, I walked all the way to basement (bypassing the buckets on the dock) and got two that we keep in another place.  So now, I'm really just working around the system, but I'm not hauling up all these buckets that weren't what I ordered!

Yep, it's official.  I'm crazy.  I can't help it.  It's just life.  Done ranting.

P.S.  The Santa Clause is on abcFamily right now and it is one of my favorite Christmas movies ever.  Go watch! 

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